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Welcome to the dental clinic at Müllersches Volksbad in the center of Au-Haidhausen Munich, your English-speaking dentist near Rosenheimer Platz, Isartor and Max-Weber-Platz.

Your well-being is our priority

... that's why we welcome you into an aesthetic, sensual atmosphere that gives you the feeling of a warm welcome.

... that‘s why we advise you the way we would like to be advised ourselves: with specialist knowledge, but without technical jargon, so that you can understand the treatment plan that has been individually developed for you and make a decision feeling good about it.

... that‘s why we ensure a sensitive and gentle treatment that gives you the opportunity to relax with us.

We look forward to seeing you in the dental clinic at Müllersches Volksbad in Au-Haidhausen.

English-speaking dentist Haidhausen München Volksbad Rosenheimer Platz and Isartor - inside dental clinic

Dentist Munich

Technology and experience meet a stylish atmosphere

The use of innovative state-of-the-art treatment methods is our aim in order to offer you the best possible care. Our spectrum ranges from aesthetic dentistry to preservative measures for long tooth preservation, to comprehensive dentures.

We take a holistic approach, in which we look not only at your teeth but also at your jaw, its functionality and effects on your neck and back muscles. In the context of CMD therapy, existing tension pain or migraines that have been there for years can often be successfully treated.

Dr. Lutz

Dr. Hans-Jörg Lutz is a passionate English-speaking dentist in Munich. The most important thing for him is treating every patient with an individual therapeutic approach and a lot of empathy. He uses a holistic therapy approach.

His focus and achievements:
  • 3-dimensional X-ray diagnostics
  • Aesthetic restoration
  • Laser support for endodontics, implantology, periodontics and conservative dentistry
  • Microscope-based and therefore particularly gentle and effective root canal treatment
  • Implantology, also using tissue-preserving piezo technology
  • Craniofacial orthopedics (treatment of muscle and joint pain from improper strain in the masticatory organ)
  • Invisible functional correction of tooth position with aligner technology
  • Anxiety reduction through nitrous oxide or hypnosis
  • Vita
  • Advanced training
  • More information


Aesthetic dentistry

Whether there is discoloration or misalignment of the teeth, there are various ways of creating an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious tooth pattern ...
We offer tooth whitening, veneers or inlays, aesthetic tooth fillings and correction of misaligned teeth using invisible aligners.

Teeth whitening (Bleaching)

The beauty of your smile does not only depend on healthy teeth and gums, but also on the shade of your teeth. We attach great importance to natural white tones. For our whitening treatments, we rely on BlancOne's innovative technology, which is fast, effective and at the same time friendly to your enamel. ... BlancOne relies on light energy and special light-sensitive accelerators that allow for a reduction in the exposure time as well as the concentration of the whitening material. The result: beautiful, brighter teeth, little or no tooth sensitivity, as well as no damage to the enamel.

Feel free to contact us about the following offers:

"Clean & Shine": Here, we combine your professional teeth cleaning with a 10-minute whitening therapy.

"Touch": slightly stronger whitening within a 60-minute session.

"Hollywood": the strongest whitening effect while maintaining beautiful natural white tones. For this, we need 120 minutes of your time.

Thanks to the sealing of your teeth with a special varnish, you can eat and drink whatever your heart desires immediately after your whitening therapy.

Aligner („invisible“ tooth alignment)

Straight teeth, closed tooth gaps - we offer an almost invisible correction of tooth misalignments with aligner splints made individually from extremely thin plastic ...
Their function is similar to braces, but they are transparent and removable. They are the invisible alternative to the clearly visible wires and brackets of the "dental brackets", which testify to misalignments. The aligners gently correct crowding and gaps as well as cross bites, overbites and underbites. The shorter treatment duration is a further advantage - as is the possibility of seeing the result in advance using a 3D animation. Only experienced, certified specialists are authorized to carry out the required technology.

Dental Veneers

Extremely thin, translucent veneers made from special ceramic ...
You may already asked yourself why so many celebrities seem to have perfect teeth. They don’t have crooked teeth like “normal” people do. The solution is an ultra-thin, translucent veneer made of special ceramics. Veneers offer a quick and aesthetically pleasing solution with high durability. These perfectly fitting veneers are suitable for teeth that are not naturally flawlessly shaped, for incisor misalignments, chipped corners, tooth gaps or teeth that are too small or too short. Veneers not only prove to be an aesthetic means for a radiant smile, they are also ideal for everyday use. Because with well-made veneers you can bite, chew and speak like you would with natural teeth.

Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)

Gritting your teeth is an expression of chronic social stress. Over 40% of people have physical and psychological complaints as a result of this type of permanent stress ...


Long-term preservation of your own tooth root through root canal treatment ...
During root canal treatment, the nerve cavities inside the teeth are cleaned of tissue, chemically disinfected and finally sealed with bacteria-proof fillers. In this way, teeth that were believed to be lost can still be saved.


Preserve quality of life with artificial tooth roots - implants are used to replace lost teeth ...
In this case, artificial tooth roots made of titanium are inserted in the appropriate place in the jawbone and, after a healing phase, provided with a denture. We support and accelerate the healing process with the PRGF (platelet-rich-growth-factors) process.


A procedure that accelerates the healing process and bone formation and shortens the duration of treatment ...
With PRGF-Endoret® therapy, blood plasma, which is rich in the body's own growth factors, is obtained. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient for this procedure. This blood is centrifuged and processed to obtain the proteins essential for regeneration. These proteins are applied to the area where tissue regeneration is required or mixed with bone building material. This procedure can shorten the duration of treatment, reduce swelling and pain, and prevent inflammation and infections.

Laser treatment

Use the concentrated power of light - the possible uses of the laser are wide-ranging in dentistry ...
Clean, blood-free cuts in surgery that heal extremely quickly, disinfection of root canals, treatment of mucosal diseases such as herpes and canker sores or even gag suppression before imprints by stimulating appropriate acupuncture points. As an extension of our laser therapy spectrum, the PACT treatment has proven itself extremely well. PACT uses a special dye in conjunction with a laser. The therapy reliably achieves almost 100 percent bacterial destruction and is used specifically for the treatment of periodontitis / peri-implantitis, disinfection of infected root canals and the disinfection of particularly deep caries.

Periodontal disease treatment

Regular monitoring helps keep your gums healthy. Periodontitis or periodontitis is an inflammation of the gums that can develop as a result of an undetected inflammation of the gums ...
Paradontitis arises from an accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar. If this coating has existed in the oral cavity for a long time, especially in the interdental spaces, the bacteria trigger an inflammatory infection in the tissue around the tooth, right down to the jawbone. It often happens that periodontitis is not noticed for years because the course is initially completely painless. If the inflammatory disease is not treated, it leads to the loss of one or more teeth. In addition to the early diagnosis of periodontitis - the dentist measures the pocket depth on each individual tooth; He can also determine the so-called bleeding index (periodontal screening index PSI) - regular prophylaxis appointments are highly recommended.


Prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease with professional tooth cleaning. Prevention and prophylaxis measures work towards the permanent preservation of gums, teeth, healthy oral mucosa and implants ...
The scope of professional tooth cleaning and the time interval are tailored to your needs. A prophylaxis session includes thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach tooth surfaces and gaps, powder jet cleaning (Air Flow) in the event of tooth discoloration due to e.g. Coffee, tea or nicotine, thorough polishing of the tooth surfaces, fluoridation of the teeth to "harden enamel", in more severe cases "full mouth disinfection".

3D X-ray with DVT

A state-of-the-art diagnostic procedure that leads to increased treatment security ...
Digital volume tomography (DVT) is a three-dimensional tomography method that works with X-rays. With the DVT, high-resolution sectional images can be created, with the additional possibility of displaying the images spatially (3D), comparable to the known CT method of the radiologists.
Modern DVT diagnostics offer significant advantages: a significantly lower radiation dose and a significantly improved diagnosis lead to highly precise diagnostic options and thus to increased treatment security for patient and dentist.

Surgical microscope

Better diagnostics, increased precision, greater controllability for difficult treatment steps - an enlargement aid is essential in advanced therapy ...
For significantly increased precision and quality of treatment, we always work with magnifying glasses (4x magnification) or with an operating microscope (25x magnification).

Nitrous oxide sedation

Maximum relaxation for anxious and gag-prone patients. Nitrous oxide has a calming and soothing effect within a few minutes ...
Many patients report a very pleasant feeling and that they are much more relaxed. An additional local anesthetic cannot be dispensed with, since the nitrous oxide reduces the sensation of pain, but does not switch it off completely. They are fully responsive at all times and never in a sleep or twilight state. However, your feeling of fear is gone. And you will be able to drive again within 10-15 minutes of the treatment.

DioProtection ™

Significantly higher hygiene and protection against dangerous pathogens through three-dimensional disinfection ...
The healthcare system faces major infectious diseases. Multi-resistant pathogens (MRE) in particular threaten human health. A targeted and preventive hygiene management is therefore the only solution. We use the DioProtectionTM process. The room disinfection system creates an extremely fine disinfection mist that is non-toxic to humans and penetrates the room from all sides down to the rearmost joint. Our treatment rooms are automatically cleared of germs overnight at the push of a button.


We do our best to make sure that our patients feel that they are in good hands and looked after. Our reviews reflect that we succeed. We thank our patients warmly for their feedback and trust.

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About us

Our dental clinic at Müllersches Volksbad in Au-Haidhausen Munich  offers you the entire spectrum of modern dentistry. Our services range from professional tooth cleaning (prophylaxis) to all types of filling therapies (plastic filling, ceramic inlay, gold inlay) and tooth-preserving measures such as root canal treatment (endodontics) to dentures (crowns, bridges, prostheses) and implants. The immediate proximity to Rosenheimer Platz, Weißenburger Platz,  Wiener Platz,  and Mariahilfplatz  guarantees a convenient connection.


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